Fat City

It’s been 33 years since John Huston passed, but his films have lost none of their sting.

His acting role as the sadistic Noah Cross in Chinatown, my all-time favorite movie, towers above everything else, but don’t sleep on Fat City, a seamy boxing epic he directed in 1972.

Starring Stacy Keach and a still-green Jeff Bridges as brawlers battlin’ through pain, the bottle, and their own shortcomings, it hammers the kidneys.

Beautiful in its bleakness, Fat City captures a time and place where the American Dream is not just dead, it gets freshly beaten out of you each day.

One thought on “Fat City

  1. Stacey Keach really caught my attention in this film. He played Tully with a touch of world weary dignity, treading the sort of ground reserved for Robert Mitchum in several films. An excellent team up with the equally laid back Jeff Bridges. I first saw ‘Fat City’ on the BBC’s Moviedrome, but haven’t seen it since. I really must seek out this terribly underrated film again.


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