The Hustler

Let’s return to the dimly-lit, smoke-filled dens of sin of yesteryear.

Paul Newman, the matinee idol who was always a much-deeper actor than some gave him credit for, fleeces rubes as Fast Eddie, a man brought to the felt-topped tables by the lure of easy money.

In his way, solidly filling up the screen, is Minnesota Fats, king of the cue, brought to life in full rumbling voice by Jackie Gleason.

The big man has the gravitas and the bankroll Eddie longs for, but the young gun may not have the self control needed to compete.

Rack ’em up.

One thought on “The Hustler

  1. Now this is a timeless classic. Great characters, gorgeous cinematography, and some fabulous acting from a wonderful cast.I do like the shady milieu of this movie, where characters have names like Minnesota Fats and you can get your fingers broken if you’re unlucky enough to hustle the wrong guy. Paul Newman was electrifying in this period wasn’t he? The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, Hombre and Hud are all bona fide classics.


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