The Hudsucker Proxy

You know, for kids.

And everyone else who digs great movies.

In a career jam-packed with winners, Joel and Ethan Coen’s best work — in my mind at least — is this fast, frantic, and absolutely flawless ode to the newspaper comedies of yore.

Tim Robbins is a yokel with a bigger brain than anyone gives him credit for, Jennifer Jason Leigh machine-guns her dialogue, crackin’ off every barb with gusto, and Paul Newman is silky smooth as the big man with a plan to fleece the rubes.

Toss in one of the great sight gags in cinematic history (“Plexiglass…”), and savor.

One thought on “The Hudsucker Proxy

  1. LOVE this film, too. But…”Coen’s best work”? C’mon man, “BARTON FINK” FOREVER!

    “…Do you think you’re the only one who can give me that Barton Fink feeling?!”


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