Vicious – A Star Wars Film

The force is strong with them.

Back in my Videoville days, Ian Stone (seen above) and Grant Boling were Coupeville students who hung around the store a lot.

These days they’re creating dreams, not just renting them, as evidenced by the splendid Star Wars short film seen below.

Ian is listed as a co-writer and director (along with Chris Julian), while Grant gets credit for the sound design.

Showing an unexplored side to the fight on Endor, as seen through the eyes of Biker Scout TB-712, this all-volunteer fan film is as good as anything J.J. Abrams gave us.


2 thoughts on “Vicious – A Star Wars Film

  1. This film could not have been done without so many(everyone) great volunteers, I could call them all by name, or you could WATCH THE CREDITS!!!!!!! Every single name on there was instrumental in this films completion. Many of whom Chris and I met through a club of costume enthusiasts which will not be named for legal reasons. This film is also shot entirely on Whidbey Island. Stay Local. Stay loco.


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