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Time to hit pause

This movie blog was many things. A writing exercise in which I was limited by my own self-imposed 100-word limit. A throwback to my decade-and-half of video store life. A way to fill up some time as the pandemic put my main writing gig — covering prep sports in a small town on a rock … Continue reading Time to hit pause

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Fake muscles, real rage. Director Chris Bell traces the rise of steroids in athletics, with a personal twist. A weightlifter who grew up in the ’80s world of comically-inflated supermen like Arnold, Sly, and the Hulkster, he chose purity in training. His brothers did not. Injecting the ol’ Jose Canseco Sauce, they tangle with a … Continue reading Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Smokin’ Aces

No brains, but tons of bullets. Director Joe Carnahan, a noted master of disaster, lets his cast unload all their holsters, and then some, in this wild ‘n woolly Vegas-set shoot-em-up. The big names are aplenty, but there’s no guarantee of making it out alive, even if you sit atop the marquee. The plot, or … Continue reading Smokin’ Aces