The Return of Captain Invincible

Not every superhero can be Batman.

Future Oscar winner Alan Arkin, as a very D-List “avenger,” goes toe-to-toe with Christopher Lee in one of the more unique ’80s movies.

The action centers around a disgraced American legend – now living in obscurity in Australia after being cancelled for possible Communist sympathies, and “wearing underwear in public.”

Comfortably drunk, Captain Invincible has to return to action when his arch-nemesis, Mr. Midnight, resurfaces with a stolen government Hypno-Ray.

Oh, and did I mention this is a musical, with songs by the guys behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Things just got interesting.


The Rocketeer

Golly gee-willikers!

A throwback in the best way possible, this remains one of my favorite superhero movies, and gets there by paying homage to movie serials which packed ’em into theaters long before I was born.

Equipped with a rocket pack and lots of moxie, Billy Campbell’s hero flies high, while the supporting cast (Alan Arkin, Timothy Dalton, and, especially, Jennifer Connelly) are absolute aces.

You can have modern-day Marvel movies with their glossy, artificial special effects.

I’ll be over here hootin’ and hollerin’ as our boy scout hero squares off with his dastardly counterpart on top of a Nazi airship.