Point Blank (1967)

Turns out your friend here is only MOSTLY dead.

See, mostly dead is still slightly alive.

You don’t shoot Lee Marvin, cause, even if he’s 99.92% dead, he’ll still pull himself off the floor, unleashing an unholy can of whup-ass.

Even if you shoot him on the grounds of a deserted Alcatraz, a great place for a nasty lil’ double cross.

Bringing the heat as only he can, Marvin oozes self-confidence and do-not-mess-with-me-boy attitude, working his way up the underworld chain of command, guns barking.

A nattily-dressed Grim Reaper is on his way, and he makes damn sure you’re 100% dead.


The Rock

We’re not breaking out, we’re breaking in.

A slam-bang action thriller that I originally saw on one of the last drive-in theatre screens operating in America, this is probably the one Michael Bay film which truly captivates.

Much of the credit goes to the odd couple pairing of Nicolas Cage as a “gee-whiz” dropping FBI chemist and a snap-your-neck Sean Connery as the only prisoner to ever escape from Alcatraz.

With Ed Harris and his band of all-star mercenaries threatening to rain down Hell from above on San Francisco, you call in the best.

His name was Connery. Sean Connery.