The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

“And I’m Mark…”

There’s little doubt who the star is here, both onscreen and in history.

Mark McGwire played longer, but Jose Canseco, the first 40 home run/40 steals man, was the bright, blazing Hindenburg-on-fire that the go-go ’80s baseball world craved.

So, it’s only fitting he’s played here by Andy Samberg, the biggest name from the Lonely Island crew which shook up SNL with a run of digital shorts.

This bombastic musical tribute to bros being bros is basically a 30-minute version of one of those sketches — with all the naughty bits unbleeped — but it sure hits the sweet spot.


Palm Springs

Trapped in a time loop of laughter.

And despair. There’s a certain amount of despair, as well, if we’re being truthful.

Of all the films to riff on Groundhog Day, this is the most-inspired, spiraling off into far-darker, far-kinkier, and far more emotional places than other would-be contenders for the throne.

The always-fun Andy Samberg, goofy grin in place, is a man stuck in an existential crisis, forced to endlessly live out one wedding day.

There’s a wild man trying to kill him, sure, but he can drink to abandon with no hangovers, ever.

So, win some, lose some.


Best Friends

“Look, it’s a handsome drug addict!”

A special friendship veers wildly off course in one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits, with a scuzzy Matt Damon and a creepy Val Kilmer coming between Katy Perry and Andy Samberg.

The original duo enjoy eating Cornish game hens and watching The Lion King, as you do.

Meanwhile, their new “pals” are more into huffing gas fumes, playing Russian roulette, and taking you back to the laboratory to show off their botched science experiments.

It’s a match made in musical comedy heaven, is what I’m saying.