The Voices

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Your choice of pets probably says a lot about your inner psyche, at least if we believe this blood-spattered, pitch-black comedy.

On the surface, the bathtub factory employee played by Ryan Reynolds appears to be a pretty decent guy.

But he’s straight-up batshit crazy, believing his animals talk, and letting them heavily influence his questionable life choices.

His dog is the steady voice of reason, but his cat implores him to gut everyone in sight, as cats are prone to do.

Cause they’re basically tuna-eating serial killers, one and all.


End of Watch

“He was my brother.”

Bold and brash, South Central LA cops Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña fear no evil, facing down gangbangers and cartel gunmen alike.

The bond which keeps them going as they try to keep their slice of the world from exploding is their friendship, a loyalty which supersedes their uniform.

With every day a tightrope walk of danger, the person they truly trust is the guy sitting next to them in the patrol car, their true home.

So many cop movies are about bad eggs.

This one honors the ones who stand against the ever incoming tide.

A Simple Favor

Criminally underrated.

Comedy mastermind Paul Feig scores with a sensationally sinful tale of murder and intrigue most slick, in this hyper-stylish tale of two very different women (Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively) both looking to score big time.

The former is a vlogger most at home in the kitchen, the latter a femme fatale seemingly plucked from film noir days, slinky and devious and full of surprises.

Twist upon twist lands with a satisfying thunk, as the plot loops around and around, before everything clicks into place in the torrid, and unexpected, finale.

This is as good as it gets.