The Vanished

Weirdness in the woods.

Nothing is as it seems in this twist-heavy missing child mystery, which starts overheated, then descends into all-out bat-shit crazy territory.

A child goes missing, her parents start acting out in increasingly odd ways, and melancholy, haunted small town sheriff Jason Patric watches everything go to Hell on a case which he hopes offers personal redemption.

Writer/director Peter Facinelli, a solid actor making a case for himself as a man of many talents, keeps everything percolating, adding little mysteries to the big one, then having great fun playing with our expectations.

This one’s a devious delight.

My Friend Dahmer

Everyone starts somewhere.

Even the ones who grow up to eat people.

Inspired by a quite-good graphic novel written by a high school friend of one of America’s most-notorious serial killers, this film casts a new light on the development of a monster.

Disney Channel star Ross Lynch switches things up in the title role.

Playing the budding psychopath, he starts off lonely, unhappy with home life, and deeply-troubled, before sinking into something far worse.

The murders began where this film ends, but we’re left with a road map to how Dahmer got to the end of his twisted journey.