Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Come for the campfire smores, stay for the beheadings.

Three high school sophomores, battling a reputation for being uncool, debate staying boy scouts.

The merit badge life has its pluses, however, as the skills they’ve picked up pay off big time when the world goes bonkers.

One second, you’re trying to snag invites to the “Secret Seniors Party” in a bid to improve your cool quotient.

The next, you’re knee-deep in rabid brain-chompers, and you’re fighting for Earth’s very survival, while trying not to scream like ninnies every time you gut a zombie.

Life comes at you fast.


The Clovehitch Killer

Family dinner just got more uncomfortable.

One moment you’re growing up in Kentucky, sure your Scoutmaster dad is a dweeb; next moment you’re starting to wonder if his carefully-constructed façade is hiding something much darker.

Like being a serial killer preying on the too-trusting people of your small community.

Dylan McDermott keeps you guessing as to which kind of dad he might be – he’s kind of goofy, but with just enough repressed rage roiling beneath the surface to give you the heebie-jeebies.

While you’re waiting for the answer, keep your eyes open, and never, ever, turn your back on anyone.