The Mummy (1999)

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who enjoy Brendan Fraser being goofy and gallant, and killjoys.

Don’t be a killjoy.

If watching Fraser shoot 1,001 bullets at a sandstorm while wailing “Oh … my … GOOOOOOODDDDD!!” doesn’t entertain you, it’s quite possible you may have already died and they just forgot to bury you.

There are multiple versions of this story out there, from Boris Karloff bringing the creepy to Tom Cruise running, and running some more, but this swing was the one which knocked things out of the park.

It’s not super-deep, maybe, but it is super-fun.


Blast From the Past

Brendan Fraser is a treasure.

In films like George of the Jungle, and this delightfully-daffy fish-out-of-water comedy, the genial actor delighted in playing likable guys who may not get the joke, but are never the butt of said joke.

Here he’s a dude who has grown up stashed away in a bomb shelter by parents Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek, untouched by the cynicism of modern-day life.

Sprung free into a world he doesn’t recognize, Fraser wins over everyone in sight, including melting the hardened heart of one Alicia Silverstone, by just being himself.

One really likeable lunk.


George of the Jungle

It’s the king of jungle comedies.

Riffing on Tarzan, the cartoon morphs into live action, with a never-better Brendan Fraser bringing the accident-prone vine-swinger to life.

I originally saw George in theaters back in the late ’90s, during the heyday of video store life, and have returned to it many times since.

Most recently, I introduced it to the younger nephews when it popped up on Disney+.

That it made the eight-year-old fall off the couch laughing, while still earning giggles from the old guy watching it for the 247th time, is proof that good dumb fun is eternal.