North Dallas Forty

Disposable warriors.

The seamy side of professional football is on vivid display in this rip-snorting comedy/drama, which still has considerable impact.

Nick Nolte anchors the cast as an aging player who can barely pull himself out of bed, but keeps on keepin’ on.

But only if he gets to play the game the way he wants.

Blowing off overbearing coaches and ignorant management types, he pledges to fly his freak flag.

As the game and the sharks who run it close in, Nolte is the last of a dying breed, beautifully bull-headed to the end.

Catch him before he’s gone.

The Muppet Movie

Ahh, a bear in his natural habitat … a Studebaker.

From Fozzie chauffeuring Kermit across America, to Animal beatin’ the drums, to countless human guest stars like Steve Martin playing second banana, the Muppets first trip to the silver screen is a winner in every way.

The main storyline, for what it’s worth, concerns big daddy Charles Durning trying to rope in our favorite green felt amphibian to be a spokesman for Doc Hopper’s frog leg restaurants.

You’ll believe a frog can ride a bicycle!

That there’s an actual king-sized fork in the road!

And that movie magic still exists.