“I’m in a glass case of emotion!”

Will Ferrell gets frantic in one of the most-quoted movies of the early 2000’s, an epic story of ’70s TV news anchors running amuck in lovely San Diego.

Director Adam McKay has gone on to nab several Oscar nominations for more-respectable films like The Big Short and Vice, but this one, his debut behind the camera, is hard to top.

He’s got an incredibly-deep cast, both with the front-liners and the cameos, and they nail the heck out of their punch lines.

There’s comedy gold here, and it all gets mined.

A Van Down By the River

Happy birthday, big guy.

Chris Farley, who was plucked from this world far too soon, was born February 15, 1964.

He would go on to be a bright, shining star — fearless, full of life, living solely to make others laugh, regardless of what toll it took on his own body.

Tommy Boy is a treasure — a treasure I say!! — but it was on Saturday Night Live where Farley made his greatest impact.

Dancing alongside Patrick Swayze, or playing the lunch lady who made Adam Sandler’s heart soar, he was gold.

Never more so than here, in my favorite of his sketches.