Jackie Chan’s First Strike

He works hard for his money.

Maybe more than any action star of his era, Jackie Chan sacrificed for his fans, repeatedly putting his body into the danger zone for our thrills and amusement.

Here, he jumps out of helicopters, swims with sharks, and gets into a knock-down brawl involving ladders, and never flinches once.

Or uses a stunt man, since Chan, in the tradition of Asian martial arts stars, has almost always done his own work — and has the x-rays to prove it.

Working with director Stanley Tong, a frequent collaborator, he delivers another winner with this one.


Jackie Chan’s Who am I?

Fear the foot.

This fast ‘n funny tale of a spy with amnesia features one of my favorite film fights.

It takes place on the roof of a skyscraper, with Jackie Chan facing a pair of deadly assassins, one of whom stands on one foot, waving the other leg in the air before unleashing killer kicks.

It’s vintage Chan, as he plays up the comedy side of the biz before unleashing his own deadly moves.

Then he caps things with a spectacular slide down the outside of the building, a perfect testament to his “look ma, no safety restraints” credo.