Miss Americana

She is woman, hear her roar.

Documenting the personal and musical growth of the biggest star of her generation, this doc offers a uniquely intimate portrait of Taylor Swift.

While everything is super-glossy, she opens herself up in a way not previously seen, giving us an often-piercing reveal of what it’s been like to grow up in front of the world.

A very-talented writer and singer, Swift has been equally at home in small venues early in her country music career and large arenas as a pop queen.

Beyond the music, though, she has much to say. Are we listening?



Robert Altman never won a competitive Oscar.

In the words of Letterkenny’s Wayne, I suggest you let that one marinate.

Yep, still don’t feel right.

I mean, you give little gold men to dross like Lord of the Rings, yet Altman goes 0-for-7, with just a Lifetime Achievement Oscar on his mantle.

Sit down, watch this epic ode to excess — a mad swirl of comedy, drama, music, and heartbreak, weaving approximately 247 characters into a tapestry of America — and tell me again how that’s fair.

Awards or not, Altman’s films endure, forever delivering a vicious backslap to the ignorant Academy.


Pure Country

Dude can sing.

Country legend George Strait once issued an album called “50 Number Ones,” and he didn’t stop there, fully earning his status as The King.

This film, a sort-of guilty pleasure, gives him a chance to pull off his own version of an Elvis film, and he handles himself pretty decently.

Look, no one is saying Strait is the second coming of Brando.

And the plot, about a stressed-out singer walking away from the bright lights and finding a new life on the prairie, is pretty basic.

But we didn’t watch Elvis films for the plots or acting, either.


Coal Miner’s Daughter

The lady can wail.

Few country music artists have reached the heights, or had the kind of voice, that Loretta Lynn does.

A mother of four by age 19, she overcame long odds to become one of the defining singers of the genre, the only woman to be tabbed as an Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music.

You make a biopic of her, you better come with the best, and, lord, that is Sissy Spacek.

Singing for herself, she knocks it out of the park, and rightfully nabbed an Academy Award.

One legend playing a second legend.