Presumed Innocent

It’s the look of guilt.

Saddled with a bad haircut and suspicious body language, Harrison Ford’s dogged lawyer turned murder suspect doesn’t exactly project innocence as he stumbles through the wreckage of his life.

A former colleague, who he slept with, is dead, and all of his close associates start turning on him in this twisty courtroom mystery adapted from a Scott Turow novel.

Ford has spent much of his career playing the hero, which makes it even more effective when he sinks into the muck in pictures like this or Mosquito Coast.

Guilty or not, these scars won’t heal.

12 Angry Men

One man against the world.

It sure feels that way for Henry Fonda, as the lone juror holding out for innocence as a young man is railroaded for murder in Sidney Lumet’s crackling verbal thriller.

The action goes down in the jury room, as a band of middle-aged dudes decide the fate of an (unseen) 18-year-old, accused of knifing his father.

The cast is jam-packed with name actors, and all get their moment to shine.

None more so than Lee J. Cobb and Ed Begley, Sr. as the “villains,” and Fonda, one righteous man standing firm for truth and justice.