Style for days.

This gorgeous black-and-white animated film, aimed squarely at adults and not kiddos, is a swirling mix of eye-popping images and brain-shattering plot twists.

Set in 2054 Paris, it follows a police captain trying to untangle a mystery revolving around the kidnapping of a young scientist who was hot on the heels of a cure for a rare genetic condition.

Shady people are everywhere, evil corporations rule from on high, and our main cop, a man of great principle, but flexible ethics, sinks ever-deeper into a world which ignores his pleas for help.

A true hidden gem.


Logan Lucky

James Bond really let himself go.

Daniel Craig has a good ol’ time dropping the posh super spy act and slumming it as a good ol’ boy convict with a checkered past and a certain set of skills.

As safecracker Joe Bang, the current 007 drawls like a man who lives on sweet tea, and helps brothers Channing Tatum and Adam Driver plan a takedown of the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Memorial Day weekend.

The laughs are huge, with the robbery, later dubbed “Ocean’s Seven-Eleven” by local newshounds, both elaborate and completely bonkers.

Just a good time from start to finish.

Knives Out

Murder most intriguing.

An all-star cast — everyone from Don Johnson to Jaime Lee Curtis shows up —  kvetches, conceals evidence, and acts extremely guilty after dear old dad goes splat in the night.

Enter off-kilter detective Daniel Craig, fond of slouching in a chair in the background, taking great delight in watching his prey stumble and backtrack, falling all over themselves as they try to nab a fortune while still staying out of the electric chair.

Director Rian Johnson keeps you guessing until the very end, dropping clever laughs in as the hunt for a killer unfolds.

A tasty lil’ jambalaya.