Blade Roller

Taste the revolution.

Coca-Cola instructs you to be cool by … stealing its product, I guess, in this artsy early ’90s commercial from soon-to-be movie bigwig David Fincher.

The man who gave us everything from Seven to The Social Network to this year’s Mank once made most of his spending money directing TV ads and music videos.

One of his best is this zippy lil’ affair, heavily influenced by Ridley Scott’s late-blooming sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

Homage or ripoff? Or maybe both?

Either way, it does make me a bit thirsty.



Ready for your closeup?

Tracing the rocky creation of Citizen Kane, David Fincher’s superb drama may actually win more Oscars than the legendary film it’s about.

While Gary Oldman is top-drawer as boozy screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, the best performances can be found out around the edges.

Arliss Howard is a wily weasel as studio boss Louis Mayer, while the very-underrated Amanda Seyfried soars as actress Marion Davies, a box office star whose career was tainted by unfair comparisons to an untalented Kane character.

Ultimately kinder, and smarter, than her companions, she’s the bright, beating heart in an otherwise icy affair.


The truth is out there.

You just may not find it, though, no matter how much time, sweat, and tears you give to the search.

David Fincher’s dazzling true-crime thriller follows a band of men united by paranoia, obsession, and a burning desire to crack a string of killings which put California on edge in the ’60s and ’70s.

Going in, we know there has been no definitive answer as to who the cipher-loving boogeyman was, though the film does offer one tantalizingly strong possibility.

That this went without a single Oscar nomination may be the biggest crime, however.