A Van Down By the River

Happy birthday, big guy.

Chris Farley, who was plucked from this world far too soon, was born February 15, 1964.

He would go on to be a bright, shining star — fearless, full of life, living solely to make others laugh, regardless of what toll it took on his own body.

Tommy Boy is a treasure — a treasure I say!! — but it was on Saturday Night Live where Farley made his greatest impact.

Dancing alongside Patrick Swayze, or playing the lunch lady who made Adam Sandler’s heart soar, he was gold.

Never more so than here, in my favorite of his sketches.


The Emperor’s New Groove

Boom, baby!

It’s true – I have a somewhat irrational love for this Disney delight.

Sure, it’s not as deep as some of the classics to emerge from the House of Mouse, but sometimes you yearn for some slick, shallow, very-funny entertainment, and this film delivers.

Especially with every moment involving scene stealer Kronk, the dense yet good-hearted henchman brought to life by the rich, rumbling voice of Patrick Warburton, a god among voice-over actors.

Whether freaking out over his spinach puffs, or chattering with the squirrels, he’s awesome.

Kronk might be fifth or sixth-billed here, but he’s the real MVP.


Tommy Boy

“You better pray to the God of skinny punks that this wind doesn’t pick up, cause I’ll come over there and jam an oar up your ass!”

How did this not win an Oscar for best screenplay?!?!

Tell me that.

I’ll be over here waiting.