Night Boat

“She is the fairies’ midwife…”

Creepy, pretentious in all the right ways, and way ahead of its time, this 1981 Duran Duran video predates Michael Jackson’s more-famous Thriller.

Crafted by Highlander director Russell Mulcahy, it mixes zombies, scuttling crabs, and lead singer Simon Le Bon gravely intoning Shakespeare while staring pensively at … something.

The British Fab Five might not have sold as many records as, say, Madonna, but their impact on the MTV generation is undeniable.

No one worked with as much style as they did, pumping out elegant mini-movies, each one unique.

Take me back to my rockin’ childhood.



I want my MTV back.

Not the insipid reality TV version which has been their brand for years, but the long-dead dream of a place which played music videos 24-7-365.

Call me an old fuddy-fuddy, but the days when Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel turned music videos into an art form designed to entertain latchkey kids is still the ideal.

Poke around, and you can still find music videos of course, with Russian rave band Little Big at the forefront of the movement.

Each of their daffy, pulsing videos hits with a vengeance, but none more so than this one.