Dead End Drive-In

Fight the power.

A twisted look at a futuristic Aussie wasteland, it’s one of the best of the “Ozploitation” films to spring from down under.

Our hero is a health nut who borrows a classic car, grabs the girlfriend, then lies about being unemployed to get in cheaper at the drive-in.

Only to find out, that’s a ticket to never getting back out.

You get all the junk food, bad movies, and New Wave music you can handle, but fences are electrified, and it’s a concentration camp for low-achievers.

Time to throw down a rebel yell and fight The Man.

Model Citizen

Perfectly horrifying.

A beautifully-rendered look at a dystopian animated world where robots make the rules, and the humans go along to get along.

You do what you can to be a model citizen, to fulfill your role in life, no matter what dark fate may be coming around the bend.

Give director David James Armsby five minutes, and he’ll deliver a a creepy lil’ sci fi gem.