The Karate Kid (1984)

“Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything.”

The movie is a cultural landmark, kicking off an avalanche of films and a late-in-life TV series.

For impressionable dudes like myself, who were teenagers when it hit theaters, it introduced us to Elisabeth Shue (“How you doin?”) and made us think we were one crane kick away from nirvana.

My enduring memory of the film is seeing a fellow Tumwater Middle School kid break his leg after attempting said kick while not realizing the door in front of him didn’t 100% open.

Sweep up all the pieces of his leg, Johnny.


The Underneath

“I can’t believe that you’d wear our father’s suit to our mother’s wedding.”

Two brothers — one a cop, one a supposedly reformed degenerate gambler — immediately irritate each other when reunited in this rock-solid neo-noir.

Trust is not something they share, and probably for good reason.

The gambler is our main man, and the moment he becomes an armored car driver working for his new father-in-law, you can probably guess things won’t end well.

A loose remake of the Burt Lancaster flick Criss Cross, it benefits from a strong director in Steven Soderbergh, and a twisty plot.

Worth a second look.