Hard Candy

Worst first-date movie … ever.

Otherwise, this chilling, very-effective thriller, sparked by a fully-committed performance from Ellen Page, hits with uncommon fury.

Following a 14-year-old girl, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood-style hoodie, as she meets with a thirtysomething dude who oozes sleazy danger, it presents us with a dangerous question.

Is the man a monster hiding in suburbia, or just a moron?

Director David Slade plays with our expectations, while Page stalks the screen like a tiger trapped in a teen’s body, righteously intent on exacting revenge.

Two years before Juno, this was early proof she was one to watch.


“Shut up, crime!!”

A welcome antidote to holier-than-thou superhero flicks, this underrated dark comedy gives a rage-filled short-order cook a wrench and lets him go bop the heck out of evil-doers.

Director James Gunn, who later delivered another welcome twist on the genre with Guardians of the Galaxy, is adept at mixing violence with grim chuckles, and he’s aces here.

Kevin Bacon sleazes it up as a drug kingpin, while Ellen Page scores as kinky sidekick Boltie.

Top with Rainn Wilson showing us what Office drone Dwight would be like as a full-on vigilante, and you have my attention.