The Wrestler

“This is where I belong.”

Battered and bruised, emotionally dead and physically wrecked, the long-past-his-prime grappler portrayed by Mickey Rourke heads out for his final match.

These are his fans, the only people who have ever shown him true love, and, if you don’t have some goosebumps pop on your arms, you’re a cold person.

Professional wrestling is such an odd art form.

We know winners are predetermined, storylines written behind the scenes, but the pain and sacrifice are real.

They live (and sometimes die) for our amusement, warriors to the end.

Pour one out for them all.


Across the Universe

All you need is love.

Of course, having a deep, burning appreciation for cinematic cheesiness doesn’t hurt, either.

Look, no one — well, at least not me — is going to claim this is some kind of deep, introspective look at life.

It is what it is, a really well-done jukebox musical, with director Julie Taymor splashing funky images across the screen while the music of The Beatles does the heavy lifting.

Light and fluffy comfort food for the soul, it goes down easy, and is essentially a two-hour-plus music video.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.