Body Snatchers

The same, only different.

A third retelling of the tale about pod people replacing humans, this early ’90s flick transports the creepy happenings from sunny California to a military base deep in the South.

Director Abel Ferrara, coming off a one-two whammy of King of New York and Bad Lieutenant, does a great job of acknowledging the Invasion films which came before, while staking out his own chunk of film turf.

Gabrielle Anwar and Forest Whitaker are among those bedeviled by the alien invaders, but it’s Meg Tilly, wailing like a bloodthirsty banshee, who will keep you up at night.


The Crying Game

Stand by your man.

It’s amazing, in a modern movie landscape ruled by CGI super heroes, live-action adaptions of animated films, and endless remakes and reboots, to remember when small, downbeat art house flicks played at the Oak Harbor Cinemas.

And yet, there I was, in 1992, watching a moody tale of love easing the scars of war, thinking the trend would go on forever.

I was wrong.

But I still have this film, anchored by especially-strong work from Jaye Davidson and Stephen Rea as an unexpected couple, and it will endure long after my hopes for a film utopia.