Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Pac-Man

Oh, you sweet cash grab, you.

With quarters being shoved into arcade games in record numbers, Hanna Barbera rode the golden wave, turning Pac-Man into a cartoon superstar.

His show ran for 44 frantic episodes on ABC, giving Saturday mornings an extra zing from 1982-83.

Packaged with The Little Rascals, Richie Rich, and Rubik, the Amazing Cube, Pac-Man was the undisputed king.

His animation style was sharper, his plots more complex (that’s a lie…), and his cartoon has endured better.

Check it out, then tell me it doesn’t leave you hankering for a bowl or two of old-school Body Buddies cereal.


Charlotte’s Web (1973)

Some pig.

Two decades before Babe claimed the title of best cinematic porker, the lil’ guy at the heart of this animated film made a solid bid for the title.

Palling around with a creepy-crawly spider prone to spinning words into her webs, Wilbur blossoms from a shy runt into a blue ribbon-worthy adult, spreading love and joy wherever he goes.

The animation, thanks to the cost-cutters at Hanna Barbera, isn’t anything special, but there is a genuine sense of warmth to a film which, ultimately, could be kind of depressing.

Life, death, rebirth — the never-ending cycle of the farm.