Rich and reverent.

This short animated film, which made the first cut as a possible nominee for the upcoming Oscars, is based on Hawaiian legends revolving around large healing stones located at Waikiki Beach.

The result looks like a painting come to life before our eyes.

The animation style, which flows and ebbs, is complemented by the use of Olelo Niihau, described as “the only unbroken form of the Hawaiian language.”

Hitting on concepts of healing and gender diversity, the film is unique in every way.


Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii

He still had it.

Not as skinny as in his prime, buried under the weight of the capes and the bling, late-career Elvis Presley could still dominate a stage.

Four years before his death, he headed to Hawaii and unleashed a performance which stands with his best.

The hips might not have gyrated the way they did when he was a young’un, but the voice didn’t fail him.

From See See Rider to Suspicious Minds to Can’t Help Falling in Love, the songs soared – a legend reaching down deep to find his inner raging tiger one last time.


A Perfect Getaway

Our Milla who art heavenly onscreen, hallowed be thy name.

Playing one half of a vacationing couple who find trouble in paradise (always-welcome Steve Zahn is her significant other), Miss Jovovich elevates a decent B-movie to a strong B+.

There are significant twists and turns among the flora and fauna, as a string of murders turn a Hawaiian honeymoon into prime fodder for an episode of Dateline.

Three couples warily circle one another, with the supporting cast including a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth, and writer/director David Twohy spins an intriguing tale of deception.

Of course, you had me at … Milla Jovovich.