Ocean’s 11 (1960)

Don’t be a fool, choose old school.

The George Clooney-led remake is a smooth piece of filmmaking, sure, but it still can’t beat the Rat Pack doing what they do best in swingin’ Sin City.

Frank Sinatra is the man with the plan, one Danny Ocean, and from there, it’s a roll-call of Vegas heavy hitters moving out to rob five casinos on New Year’s Eve.

Filled with glitz, glamour, a radiant Angie Dickinson, a zippy Saul Bass-designed animated opening sequence, and a knockout final twist, it scores.

Keep your remakes. I want the original ring a ding ding.

The Killing

This isn’t going to end well.

A tangy slice o’ film noir, directed by a 28-year-old Stanley Kubrick, it crackles from start to poetic finale, following a race track robbery gone wrong.

Sterling Hayden, a long ‘n lanky six-foot-five, towers over his co-stars, but the cast is filled to the brim with standout character actors, from Marie Windsor to Elisha Cook Jr. and Timothy Carey.

While the film isn’t as famous as later Kubrick works like 2001 and The Shining, it tops the director’s filmography for me.

Lean and mean, full of twists and turns, it stings like a trapped scorpion.