21 Jump Street

What a nice surprise.

For some reason, Hollywood decided the best way to make films from beloved TV cop shows of the past was to turn them into raunchy comedies.

Big-screen versions of Baywatch and CHiPs epically blew and sucked, but this revamp of the series which launched Johnny Depp, was a refreshing blast of joy.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have great chemistry, Ice Cube skewers every boss to ever demand a gun and badge, and the jokes work.

Yes, they make fun of the often-silly premise of the original, but they do it with love, and not condescension.



Jon Voight got his Oscar for the wrong movie.

Sure, Coming Home is a sensitively-told tale of Vietnam War vets coming to terms with life back on the home front and all, but come on, Angelina Jolie’s dad truly knocked it out of the park in this man vs. snake epic.

Playing a crusty big game hunter with a mysterious scar and a propensity for sneering at everyone, he rasps his dialogue, creeps everyone out, and gets one of the best death scenes in movie history.

Before you scream, “Hyperbole!” at me, whippersnapper, feast your peepers on this: