The Hitch-Hiker

Your mom told you not to pick up strangers.

Two fishing buddies, headed to Mexico, make a mistake and end up with a third guy in their car — only the passenger is much more dangerous than the duo riding up front.

A beautifully-crafted hunk of film noir directed by Ida Lupino, this is a lean ‘n mean 71 minutes.

Just the right running time to get in, cause some damage, and get out.

William Talman, who made his rep co-starring on Perry Mason, is a creepy, sadistic brute in this one, taunting his captives as they head for a final showdown.

Junior Bonner

Hit ’em with the ol’ change-up.

Director Sam Peckinpah and leading man Steve McQueen are best known for rough ‘n rowdy, often violent, films about hardscrabble men slamming head-first into other not-ready-to-move dudes.

But, in this rarely talked-about modern-day western, the duo shifted away from barking guns and squealing car tires.

Instead, they united to make a melancholy tale of a rodeo rider trying to stay one step ahead of his own rapidly-approaching oblivion.

Even the best cowboy can only stay on the horse so long before body and soul gives out.

Saddle up and track this one down.