Always bet on Jodie Foster.

I firmly believe the two-time Oscar winner is the best actress of her generation — a woman who wowed as a child and an adult.

While this lighthearted comedy adventure in the Wild West might not be her deepest movie, it remains frothy fun a couple of decades after it hit the silver screen.

And yes, I get that a lot of people have a different opinion on Mel Gibson in 2020 than they did in ’94.

But for me, this was always about Foster (and the forever-charming James Garner), so I shall allow my love to abide.

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He’s the fastest finger in the West.

James Garner oozed rumpled cool in all of his roles, never more so than in this laidback comedy romp, where his quick-trigger gunfighter wanders into town and ends up the law almost by accident.

He just wants to get to Australia, but first he has to win the affections of accident-prone Joan Hackett, while staring down dastardly bad guys like Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan.

Toss in drunk-off-his-rocker deputy Jack Elam and gold-hungry mayor Harry Morgan, and this is the kind of cast that makes IMDB blush.

Heavy hitters dispensing frothy fun.