Hotel Artemis

The nurse will see you now.

Jodie Foster, the best actress of my lifetime, sinks deep under old-age makeup to play a woman with a past, and a certain set of skills.

Belong to her super-secret underground club for career criminals, she’ll patch up your bullet holes, fix all your boo-boos big and small, and do so discretely and efficiently.

But if you don’t have the magical passport, you’re out of luck, and man-mountain Dave Bautista hovers nearby to enforce the no interlopers policy.

“His name is Everest. Do you know why?”

No worries, you’ll figure it out soon enough.

Independence Day

“Hello boys … I’M BACK!!”

This blockbuster made Will Smith a worldwide star and reinforced Jeff Goldblum as the ultimate big movie supporting MVP, but crazy ol’ Randy Quaid got the biggest needle drop.

Roaring onscreen, hot for revenge against slimy outer space creeps who harassed him for years, he’s ready for a crop dustin’ run to save the galaxy.

I’ve sat in countless movie theaters, and watched countless movies, and never witnessed anything like the crowd reaction on Opening Day as Quaid punched the gas pedal.

The roof of the theater blew off, and it’s never come back down.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

What’s scarier, the perm or the scream?

Donald Sutherland rocks some dreadful crimped locks in this otherwise brilliant, paranoia-tinged late ’70s sci-fi thriller.

A remake of the durable ’50s classic, it ups the creep factor, with a first-rate cast (Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Leonard freakin’ Nimoy) battling killer seed pods from outer space.

If the emotion-sucking invaders get their tendrils on you, poof goes the personality as you emerge transformed into a mindless carbon copy of what once was.

And that Sutherland scream of the damned which caps everything?

Still brings down the house after all these years.