Smokin’ Aces

No brains, but tons of bullets.

Director Joe Carnahan, a noted master of disaster, lets his cast unload all their holsters, and then some, in this wild ‘n woolly Vegas-set shoot-em-up.

The big names are aplenty, but there’s no guarantee of making it out alive, even if you sit atop the marquee.

The plot, or what there is of one, centers on a mad scramble to either kill, or protect a magician who’s about to go stool pigeon on the Mafia.

The coocoo bird has plenty of tales to tell once he starts singing, unless he gets plugged first.


Boss Level

Punch your way to nirvana.

Every morning, Frank Grillo’s world-weary special ops dude wakes to another guy trying to take his head off with a sword.

From there, it’s on to the hovering helicopter shooting 10,001 bullets into his bedroom, and a motley crew of assassins lining up to collect the bounty for making his head bounce off the floor.

A more violent version of Groundhog Day, this time loop action-fest is solid disposable entertainment, the kind of film you half watch through sleepy eyes on a Sunday morning.

Pull up the blankies, let your brain take a vacation, and enjoy.