More singing than crying.

It took Hollywood 20 years to turn Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s concept album into a film, but, when they did, they got it right.

Director Alan Parker, who also gave us Bugsy Malone and Fame, knew his way around a musical, and gets all the pomp and circumstance of Eva Perón’s sometimes-controversial life up on the screen.

Antonio Banderas smolders, as always, while Jonathan Pryce gives good support, but the film lives and dies on what Madonna does.

For me, at least, she knocks it out of the ballpark, bringing the pathos and the funk.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

There’s a storm a’comin’.

A carnival blows into town, bringing with it wonders and delight, but dark secrets hide beneath the surface in this adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s page-turner.

Mr. Dark (a silky Jonathan Pryce) seems to peer into each person’s soul. But at what cost?

Come for a ride on his carousel, and your dreams can come true – just ignore the prickle of fear which works its way up your spine each time the ringmaster flashes a sad, haunting smile.

Are you a true child of the ’80s if this film isn’t embedded in your memories?

I think not.