Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Fake muscles, real rage.

Director Chris Bell traces the rise of steroids in athletics, with a personal twist.

A weightlifter who grew up in the ’80s world of comically-inflated supermen like Arnold, Sly, and the Hulkster, he chose purity in training. His brothers did not.

Injecting the ol’ Jose Canseco Sauce, they tangle with a world of roid rage, shrunken testicles, and talking about yourself in the third person.

Mixing humor with harsh reality, this doc dispels some horrifying myths about steroid abuse, while also never shying away from the dark side of wanting to get big and bad, super-quick.

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

“And I’m Mark…”

There’s little doubt who the star is here, both onscreen and in history.

Mark McGwire played longer, but Jose Canseco, the first 40 home run/40 steals man, was the bright, blazing Hindenburg-on-fire that the go-go ’80s baseball world craved.

So, it’s only fitting he’s played here by Andy Samberg, the biggest name from the Lonely Island crew which shook up SNL with a run of digital shorts.

This bombastic musical tribute to bros being bros is basically a 30-minute version of one of those sketches — with all the naughty bits unbleeped — but it sure hits the sweet spot.