Muppet Treasure Island

They’ve got cabin fever.

Trapped at sea with dirty no-goodniks like Tim Curry’s silky, sinister Long John Silver, our favorite felt creatures have a grand old time riffing on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale.

Put a sword in Kermit’s hand and he rises to the occasion, becoming a swashbuckler in the vein of Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn.

Fast with the blade, and even-quicker with the quips, he gives all the ladies (or at least Miss Piggy) a serious case of the vapors as only a green love god can.

Fun for the whole family, with something for everyone.


The Muppet Movie

Ahh, a bear in his natural habitat … a Studebaker.

From Fozzie chauffeuring Kermit across America, to Animal beatin’ the drums, to countless human guest stars like Steve Martin playing second banana, the Muppets first trip to the silver screen is a winner in every way.

The main storyline, for what it’s worth, concerns big daddy Charles Durning trying to rope in our favorite green felt amphibian to be a spokesman for Doc Hopper’s frog leg restaurants.

You’ll believe a frog can ride a bicycle!

That there’s an actual king-sized fork in the road!

And that movie magic still exists.