The baddest man alive was no match for two teen girls.

Parodying Richard Nixon’s fall from grace, this frothy comedy is as warm and bubbly as the happy-go-lucky young women at the heart of things.

Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams, playing ditzy best friends who accidentally blow the cover off of Watergate while working as White House dog walkers, are a delight.

And so is the film, which features a supporting cast rich in Saturday Night Live and Kids in the Hall alumni.

So, is this how things really went down?

Probably not, but it would have been funnier.


The Virgin Suicides

A horror film in slow motion.

There are no boogeymen with sharp knives, no jump scares, but this film, Sofia Coppola’s debut as a director, scars in ways Freddy and Jason never could.

It’s the tale of five sisters who slip away one after another, their self-inflicted deaths leaving behind a mystery which will haunt the young boys from their ’70s neighborhood the rest of their life.

Was it isolation, a deep internal sadness, possible mental illness – there are no concrete answers, just the raw ache of lives ruined, on both sides of the grave.

A cinematic gut-punch that endures.