Despicable Me

“He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna DIE!!!!”

A kajillion dollar franchise was born from a simple idea — the tale of a supervillain who discovers his heart might not be as shriveled as he thought.

Voiced by Steve Carell, the dastardly Felonius Gru starts out stealing the world’s treasures, only to wind up the adopted dad to three adorable lil’ girls (and 10,001 mischief-causin’ Minions).

Along the way, he still finds time to steal the moon, because, while he’s on the path to reform, there are still plenty of (comedic) potholes along the way.

Bright and daffy, and as tasty as taffy.



Stay or go?

Matt Damon and Kristin Wiig are a couple who decide to jump into a brave new, very small, world — only for one to back out at the least convenient moment.

One second you’re united.

The next, one of you has been shrunk and deposited into an experimental community aimed at saving the world by putting less strain on it.

Kind of puts a crimp into things.

A comedy laced with serious subject matter, such as the dilemma faced by Hong Chau as an activist sent to the new world against her will, this is a … small winner.