Finding Amanda

Ferris Bueller has gone magnificently to seed.

The one-time ruler of the high school set is slouching through middle age, and his portrayer, Matthew Broderick, is thicker around the jowls, a bit beaten down by life, and prone to shrugging as his potential blows away in the wind.

At least on screen, that is.

Roll the dice and get a winner with this darkly funny film about Broderick hitting up Sin City in a bid to retrieve his niece (Brittany Snow), who’s busy exploring the parts of town not generally approved by the chamber of commerce.

A love letter to degenerate gamblers everywhere.

Ocean’s 11 (1960)

Don’t be a fool, choose old school.

The George Clooney-led remake is a smooth piece of filmmaking, sure, but it still can’t beat the Rat Pack doing what they do best in swingin’ Sin City.

Frank Sinatra is the man with the plan, one Danny Ocean, and from there, it’s a roll-call of Vegas heavy hitters moving out to rob five casinos on New Year’s Eve.

Filled with glitz, glamour, a radiant Angie Dickinson, a zippy Saul Bass-designed animated opening sequence, and a knockout final twist, it scores.

Keep your remakes. I want the original ring a ding ding.

Rover Dangerfield

He’d never do it on a Christmas tree.

The rascally dog at the center of this slightly strange animated flick gets “no respect,” but while he may play it fast ‘n loose while gambling, he does draws the line at “sprinkling on a spruce.”

Rover leaves the glitz and glamour of Sin City behind, landing on a farm in the middle of Nowheresville after being shanghaied by his owner’s boyfriend, a low-level gangster.

From riding a hot streak in Vegas to fast-talking devious foxes in the backwoods, the portly pooch keeps the dice hot, and the snappy chatter cool.