Back to the Future

Not gonna waste your time recounting the plot.

Statistically, the percentage of people who don’t know Marty McFly’s story is about .00002%.

But this remains a touchstone in my movie maniac metamorphosis – it’s an all-time fun flick, and because of the first time I watched it.

Or, rather the first and second time.

I was 14 when the film hit, and saw it with a group.

Exiting the theater and exclaiming about it, we passed the theater manager who said, “Hey, go back in and see it again if you like … for free.”

Which we promptly did.

Greatest movie theater manager … EVER.


All the Right Moves

Football is his only way out.

Living in a rust-colored Pennsylvania town where unemployment, despair, and lack of financial opportunity abound, Tom Cruise has dreams.

Instead of descending into the steel mill which claims his father and brother each day, he wants to use his gridiron skills to attract the attention of a college where he can study engineering.

In his way, an inflexible coach (Craig T. Nelson) with his own plan to escape.

One of the best sports movies you’ll find, it revolves around not who wins the big game, but whether two stubborn men can reach an understanding.

Howard the Duck

Call me irrational, but I love this movie.

It’s hip and cool to trash the tale of a cigar-chomping alien duck saving Earth from the Dark Overlord of the Universe while sweet-talking Lea Thompson’s hard-rockin’ heroine.

They call it George Lucas’s folly; the film is supposed to be a punchline.

Too bad, so sad for you and your bitter, closed-off peach pit of a heart.

Marinate in the goofiness of Jeffrey Jones as a cosmic big bad.

And remember, “On my planet, we never say die, we say … NOT MY SHORTS! You perverts!”

I’ll be right there with you.