Daffy the Commando


World War II propaganda at its finest, this technicolor burst of anarchy tosses Daffy Duck into the fight, as he bedevils and bonks those idiotic Nazi’s, encouraging his fellow Americans to do the same in real life.

Unlike the Warner Bros. cartoons attacking the Japanese — which always depicted that Axis group with buckteeth — this is mostly absent the racism of the time.

Though it does find plenty of time to mock Hitler, at one point comparing him to a skunk.

But, if you’re gonna complain about that, well…


Tick Tock Tuckered

“Where’s my pants? Here’s your girdle!!”

My kingdom for a good night’s sleep.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig are wage slaves having trouble getting to work early enough to punch the time clock in this always-fun slice o’ joy from 1944.

Every night the duo go to bed with plans to be punctual, only to have their nighttime reverie rudely interrupted by a string of inconveniences.

Yowling cats, a leaky roof, even an impudent moon (which is no match for Daffy and his shotgun) make life tough, while ensuring that we, the viewers, have plenty to chuckle about.



“Show yourself, you little peckerwood! You took my finger and I can’t abide by that!!”

This fast ‘n frantic horror short, directed by Robert Boocheck, is six-plus minutes of sheer comedy horror bliss, sort of Looney Tunes meets Sam Raimi, if you will.

You got yourself a crusty, sledgehammer-wielding farmer, and a sneaky, goat-eatin’, finger-stealin’ critter (or two), and a showdown is a’comin’ round the bend, lickity split.

It all makes for a gruesome good time.

But don’t take my word for it.

Move your eyeballs down below and let them marinate in the blood-spattered hijinks.