Tank Girl

She will rock you.

Lori Petty, an actress who has never gotten the credit she deserves, was a perfect choice to portray a rabble-rousing, fast-talking, up-the-establishment heroine.

Spinning out of an often eye-popping comic book, the tale of Tank Girl teaming up with a motley band of outsiders, including some kangaroo super-soldiers, is pedal through the metal from frame one.

Backed by a strong supporting cast, including Naomi Watts, Ice-T, and an evil Malcom McDowell, Petty comes out fists swinging and barbed one-liners flying.

Tank Girl is no one’s damsel in distress.

She’s brash and in charge. Deal with it.

A League of Their Own

Tears are taboo on the diamond.

A rollicking grand slam, this fictionalized look at real-life women who helped keep professional baseball going in America during World War II is as fresh today as when it hit theaters in ’92.

Tom Hanks gives one of his best performances, rumpled and sarcastic, a faded star who finds, to his abiding horror, that he actually still cares.

Geena Davis, among the most-athletic of actresses (check out Cutthroat Island for more proof), is the true star, but don’t sleep on Lori Petty as her rambunctious lil’ sis.

This lineup is loaded with Hall of Famers.