The Endless

Cult, sweet cult.

You can go home again, but you might not want to, as brothers find when they return to the commune of their younger days.

One sibling has happy memories, while the other remembers the place being the setting for a UFO death cult.

Either way, the commune members are still at Camp Arcadia, though now there’s seemingly something large and terrifying lurking in the nearby woods.

Oh, and some time rifts, and a lot of other craziness which can sort of be explained … if you try real hard.

The best of what low-budget sci fi can be.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I’m thinking the budget was about $1.75.

But, if you’re in the right mood, this tasty comedy delivers a fair amount of bang for your buck.

It’s silly, it doesn’t have the deepest script, but it does have one of my favorite gags.

With the country trembling before an assault by little red buggers, everyone is on edge.

Then we come to a library, where, in the midst of a pack of book lovers, sits one devious hipster.

Eyeballing the crowd, he waits for a moment, then, wiggling his eyebrows, unleashes one word.


Cue the stampede, and unleash my joy.