Claws for Alarm

“Tell me Sylvester, is there any insanity in your family?”

An oblivious Porky Pig (what’s new?) and his thoroughly freaked-out cat companion stop off for the night in a dusty town on the edge of the frontier, and things get dicy.

There seems to be no one else around in Dry Gulch, and probably for good reason, as the local mice — depicted as glowing eyes in the darkness — seem set on murder and mayhem.

Sylvester tries his darnedest to get the duo moving back to the big city, lickety-split, but Porky hasn’t a clue.

Seven minutes of paranoid brilliance.


Falling Hare

I’ve never been a huge Bugs Bunny fan.

Yes, he’s the big man on campus, but that’s the problem.

Bugs, like the Road Runner, rarely lost, and that gets old fast.

Give me Daffy, Porky or Sylvester, characters far more prone to getting frazzled, losing their cool, coming up short, or just getting the shaft.

That’s where the humor comes in.

But, there are exceptions, and this cartoon is one, as Bugs finally runs into a situation he can’t control.

Suddenly the BMOC is pulled down into the fray, and I start liking him a whole lot more.


The Ducksters

“Listen, Mac, you’ve got 32 teeth, would you like to try for 16?”

My favorite delirious duck, one Daffy, Esq., was never better than when he was harassing the heck out of a sputtering Porky Pig, driving the normally placid porcine bonkers.

The mismatched duo made a series of great seven-minute gems, and this one, revolving around a radio game show chock full of danger, is a hoot and a half.

All you need to know going in is this — Daffy is a royal pain in the tush, Porky is easy frazzled, and that makes for comedy gold every time.


Nasty Quacks

Bugs Bunny never did it for me.

I am firmly, now and forever, in camp Daffy Duck, and there I shall remain.

With rare exception, Bugs, much like the Road Runner, never lost.

Which gets kind of boring after a bit.

Give me Daffy, in all his wily con artist glory, trying (and often failing) to fast-talk his way to success and riches.

Whether needling Porky Pig, bedeviling Elmer Fudd, or here, driving a suburban father insane with his non-stop prattling and love of fine butter, the crazy duck is money in the bank.