The Secret of My Success

He was the voice of a generation.

For ’80s teens, I can’t think of a more-beloved actor than Michael J. Fox.

Back to the Future is the biggie, with Family Ties an underrated part of NBC’s comedy juggernaut, but our guy also made a lot of films like this one about big city life.

It’s not a landmark by any means, just a pleasant throwback to a time when yuppies ran wild and Mike was the slick-talkin’, fast-walkin’ king of the light comedy genre.

Toss in Supergirl’s Helen Slater, and this is worth buying the ticket in the Wayback Machine.

Back to the Future

Not gonna waste your time recounting the plot.

Statistically, the percentage of people who don’t know Marty McFly’s story is about .00002%.

But this remains a touchstone in my movie maniac metamorphosis – it’s an all-time fun flick, and because of the first time I watched it.

Or, rather the first and second time.

I was 14 when the film hit, and saw it with a group.

Exiting the theater and exclaiming about it, we passed the theater manager who said, “Hey, go back in and see it again if you like … for free.”

Which we promptly did.

Greatest movie theater manager … EVER.