The Haunted House

It’s a skeleton dance party.

Having ventured out into the stormy night wearing just a pair of shorts, Mickey Mouse doesn’t think twice about entering a creepy old mansion if it offers a little relief from the rain and cold.

Once inside, however, he discovers that the place is overrun with bony hep cats, all anxious to get down with their bad selves.

Forced to play a merry tune on a piano, our hero keeps the beat boppin’ in a cartoon which looks pretty darn good for being 92 years old.

Some things are just timeless, I guess.


The Band Concert

Donald’s a delight.

Mickey may get the big paycheck, but it’s the mad duck bouncing off the walls who remains my favorite Disney character.

Here, in an 85-year-old film which pops like it’s brand new, a skinnier, more daffy-than-angry Donald horns his way into a musical production, upending things with his insistent demands to have everyone play Turkey in the Straw.

Owner of approximately 23,782 flutes, all of which he has somehow hidden on his body, our duck bedevils Micky.

And that’s before the ice cream cones start flying, a storm starts raging, and a buzzy bee invades the scene.


The Mad Doctor

Something creepy this way comes.

Mickey Mouse battles a leering madman, and his band of creepy-crawly skeletons, while trying to save Pluto from a fate worse than death in an 87-year-old cartoon which looks remarkably crisp for its age.

The mad doctor wants to cross a dog with a chicken, to “find out if the end result will bark, or crow, or cackle.”

Meanwhile, Mickey is trapped down in the basement of the doctor’s huge old castle, haunted by some shifty bone daddies.

It’s fast, funny, and would make for a great Halloween treat.


Bimbo’s Initiation

Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member? NO!!

Jovial Bimbo the Dog travels through Insane in the Membrane Land while the members of a secret society — who all have melted candles on their head — harass him.

Our hero was trapped underground after a mouse who looks suspiciously like Mickey (but nobody tell rival studio Disney about that!) snaps a padlock on a manhole cover.

From there, it’s constant danger, surprises behind every door, and a shocking amount of spanking machines, as Bimbo travels the road less taken.

Our grandparents generation had some serious issues.