My Bloody Valentine (1981)

A bloody good time.

Catch this landmark ’80s slasher in its full uncut gory glory, and it’s the gold medal winner in its genre.

The tale of coal miners (and their dance dates) being terrorized by a heavy-breathing killer who’s out to avenge the dark history of a deceptively quaint hole-in-the-wall town, it’s a killer thriller.

It features a strong mystery, with a melancholy final reveal, a lot of Canadian accents, and (in the uncut edition), the most affecting death one of these films ever put on the screen.

All that, and the best WTF credits song ever crafted:



Margaret’s Museum

We all go a little mad sometimes.

Not all museums are created equal, especially if the person in charge is consumed by grief and has decided to create a memorial to those who have violently departed the Earthly plane.

Haunted by constant death which hangs over her Novia Scotia mining town like low-slung clouds, Helena Bonham Carter clings to … bits ‘n pieces … of those she’s lost.

Buy the ticket, take the ride, but be prepared to go full Brad Pitt, with a slight twist, by the end of this gorgeously-crafted mood piece.

What’s in the jars?!?!

Don’t ask, don’t tell.