The Man Who Fell to Earth

Close encounters of the whacked-out kind.

David Bowie self-destructs quite elegantly in this haunting tale of an ET corrupted by the inhabitants of the water-rich planet he’s visiting.

He’s come to save his own home, which is in the midst of an epic drought, but falls victim to the lure of television, alcohol, and sex.

Harassed by the government, which kidnaps him, then pokes and prods him into oblivion, our man from the stars grows increasingly melancholy as Nicolas Roeg’s film unwinds.

Dreamy and trippy, this is a beautiful bummer, proof not all alien invader movies are the same.


Don’t Look Now

Big emotions, small killer.

Swept away by grief over their daughter’s tragic drowning, a couple (Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie) stow their son away in a private school, then flee to dread-soaked Venice.

The change of locales doesn’t do much to help their fragile psyches, however.

Premonitions of death and danger — fueled by a chance encounter with an older woman who claims she can see their daughter — threaten to shatter their brief happiness.

Toss in a serial killer haunting the dank alleyways, slashing folks left and right, and we’re headed for one of the creepiest final showdowns in film history.