Darth by Darthwest

You got your Hitchcock in my Star Wars!

No, you got your Star Wars in my Hitchcock!!

Whichever way you look at it, this fun mashup, which plops Cary Grant into the world of Tie-Fighters and protocol droids, is a great way to fritter away six minutes of your life.

It’s not terribly deep, but not everything needs to be freakin’ Shakespeare now, does it?

So, basically, it’s footage from North By Northwest, reimagined and repurposed to imagine what would happen if our most urbane of heroes found himself in a galaxy far, far away.

Good times, good times.


North by Northwest

The chase is on.

Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint scamper across America, exchanging witty banter as evil spies pursue them with malice in mind during my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film.

Vertigo, Rear Window, Psycho — and that’s just the tip of what might be the greatest career put together by a director.

But North is the most rewatchable for me, a near-perfect film which takes our most charming movie star and drops him into a plot roiling with danger and deception.

The showdown on Mount Rushmore.

The attack of the crop duster.

Grant verbally sparring with mother.

Pretty dang flawless.